Tong Zhou was born in the ice city, Harbin, China. In 2009, she studied at the Central Academy of Drama, Beijing. Her major was directing and stage management. Two years later, she went to New York Film Academy, where she wrote and directed eight short films including, “Love is a Game for Two.” New York City continues to inspire her to create. In 2012, she moved to Los Angeles. She wrote and directed the music video, “California Dreaming,” which is an homage to the 1960s band the “Mamas and Papas”. After that, she wrote and directed a spec commercial for Grey Goose.

The reason to quit the school in China is simple, Tong Zhou just feel that kind of environment didn‘t fit her.Moving to the “empire state” city New York, and moving to Los Angeles was a better fit in terms of the study schedule. When she was in New York, she almost completed the list of Broadway and off-Broadway shows. Giving up drama career in China didn‘t mean she didn’t love it any longer. She just was not ready for it at that time. However, she believes she will work in the drama field as well in the future, especially in the directing and lighting design department. 

She discovered film in 2011 and as Steve Jobs said, she "listened to her heart."In 2012 she shot her short-film, “A Celebration is a Celebration is a Celebration is a Celebration,” in New York City and Woodstock in upstate New York. The film screened at the 2013 Festival De Cannes, the Washington DC Chinese Film Festival, and she won the best director award at the 20th Beijing College Student Film Festival.

In 2014, she directed her latest short film "Square the Circle." Film Festival screenings will begin in 2015. Currently she is developing a feature film project, set in New York city and her hometown Harbin. The film is about four related stories interacting with each other, exploring a sense of belonging, as well as how people define the concept of home, or roots. 


周彤出生于冰雪之城-哈尔滨,中国。于2009年,就读于中央戏剧学院,导演演出制作专业。2年后退学,来到纽约就读于纽约电影学院。期间制作短片电影 Love is a Game for Two 《爱情是两个人第游戏》以及短片 A Celebration is a Celebration is a Celebration is a Celebration《礼物》,担任编剧导演以及制片。纽约这个城市给了她无限灵感去创作,去理解到底艺术是什么。由于学业计划,2012年搬到洛杉矶。拍摄了Music Video 《加州梦》California Dreaming,商业广告《灰雁》Grey Goose,担任编剧导演以及制片。


在2011和2012年真正认识了电影,象乔布斯说的那样,听从了“自己的内心指引”。并且在2013年纽约市和纽约上州拍摄了A Celebration is a Celebration is a Celebration is a Celebration,这是真正意义上的转折。目前电影在第66届法国戛纳电影节短片单元,第二届华盛顿华语电影节放映,并于第20届北京大学生电影节获得最佳短片导演奖。

2014年最新短片作品,Square the Circle《化方为圆》正在后期制作中,将于2015年出在洛杉矶华纳影城电影院首映,以及选送电影节。目前,她正在筹划一部即将在家乡哈尔滨和纽约两地拍摄的长片剧本,讲述四个有关联的非线性叙事的故事,主要探讨在世界化的纽约这样的顶级城市里,人的归属问题以及家的定义。